When customers open the door to Donut City in Coppell, they are quickly enveloped in the aroma of freshly baked kolaches.

Bryan Kim and his wife, Jenny Choi, co-own the eatery with Young Jung. They are the third owners of the business, which was established in 2004. The business partners also own another Donut City in Denton. Jung runs the Denton location, while Kim and Choi operate the Coppell store.

Meet the chef

Kim said he has years of culinary experience, including being a sushi chef, pastry chef, working in Japanese restaurants and more.

“I love to make food from scratch,” he said. “I used to cut fish as a sushi chef, and that’s all cold; this is hot.”

Kim typically starts preparing and baking doughnuts and other menu items around midnight every night. Early in the morning, Choi arrives to handle the front of the house.

What’s on the menu?

Their menu boasts traditional doughnut options, such as glazed and chocolate. They also have seasonal flavors as well as a category they call "fancy" and much more. Beyond doughnuts, they have sausage rolls, sandwiches and coffee.

Why they love it

As Coppell residents, Kim and Choi love it when their friends stop by to say hi.

“The long hours are very hard, we’re tired, but we smile,” he said. “Everybody comes here, they smile and love our doughnuts. When we see that, we’re refreshed and happy.”

What’s special about it?

Since the business has been open for 20 years, they have many customers who visited when they were children and now return as adults. They also report a large number of repeat customers.

Choi said their future plans are to keep doing what they are doing now.

“We want to keep giving the customers fresh doughnuts,” she said. “Some places sell products from the day before, but we don’t do that. We make them fresh every day.”