Housing options continue to grow in Old Town Lewisville.

Lewisville City Council approved a zone change from single-family residential to Old Town Mixed-Use Two. This will allow for the redevelopment of the existing single-family lot into five townhomes.

The proposed townhomes will face Edna Street, which is consistent with the recent development to the south, which has three duplexes facing Edna Street, according to the March 20 agenda item.

The zone change aligns with the city’s Old Town Master Plan and the Lewisville 2025 Vision Plan by providing higher density housing options and maintaining compatibility with the existing neighborhood.

While Lewisville’s multifamily housing stock continues to grow, city officials are also determined to ensure there is adequate retail space available in the area.

Residential projects are anticipated to spur demand for commercial activity; however, the commercial market is still evolving and will likely take several years before ground-floor retail is viable in most locations, according to city staff.

City staff proposed code amendments to require retail-ready space in multifamily projects zoned Old Town Mixed Use Two or Old Town Center on Church, College, Main and Mill streets.

Lewisville City Council went on to approve the ordinance.

“I want to commend staff for bringing this to us," said Council Member Kristin Green. “This is a really great connection between what we can get right now and what we know we need in the future.”