Dallas Area Rapid Transit launched a comprehensive fare study in April to explore changes to its fare structure and pass programs. The study is designed to ensure DART services are simplified, consistent and equitable for customers throughout North Texas, according to DART officials.

As part of the study, which will take place through August, DART officials are asking residents to complete a five-minute online survey designed to gather opinions about the current fare structure and help DART determine what, if any, changes should be made.

“Transportation is more than a ride from one point to another,” said Gordon Shattles, DART associate vice president of external relations. “DART’s mission will always be to operate a safe and efficient transportation system that provides enhanced mobility opportunities for the residents of North Texas. By working together with the many communities we serve, the agency will explore how to meet our goals of an equitable and simplified fare policy for all of our riders.”

Shattles said the transportation agency is looking for feedback from former, current and future customers to understand their perceptions and needs around transit fares, what their biggest fare-related challenges are and what opportunities should be considered to improve. Feedback from the survey will be considered for adoption by the DART board of directors, according to Shattles.

DART offers public transit services for 220,000 passengers per day across a 700-square-mile service area in Dallas and 12 neighboring cities, including Richardson and Plano. The public transit network includes the DART Light Rail, the Trinity Railway Express commuter rail, bus routes and other transit services.

The DART comprehensive fare survey is available on the DART website at www.dart.org.

To incentivize completing the survey, DART officials are offering participants who provide contact information the opportunity to enter in a raffle to win a $500 gift card.