A new tool available through Walgreens can help its customers save up to 80% on their prescription medications with online coupons.

What you need to know

Walgreens and RxSense partnered to launch a digital marketplace Nov. 30 where customers can compare prescription medication prices through a range of discount cards. Rx Savings Finder is free for customers to use and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device, according to a news release.

Rx Savings Finder cannot be combined with prescription drug insurance, but prices available through some coupons can be less expensive than a copay.

Quote of note

“We’re thrilled to work with Walgreens to launch the Rx Savings Finder tool to bring even lower cost prescriptions to millions of Walgreens customers,” RxSense founder and CEO Rick Bates said in a statement. “RxSense is focused on delivering technology solutions to the market that offer price transparency and lower drug costs to our partners and their patients, and this new website will empower more consumers with access to deeper discounts on their medications.”

Diving in deeper

To use the finder tool, customers need to type their prescription into a search bar. The tool will then display a list of prices from several prescription savings services.

Customers can click on the coupon they wish to use and either text, email or print it, according to the news release. They can also show the card to their local Walgreens pharmacist.