The community bond task force for Dallas’ proposed $1.1 billion bond has submitted its final recommended bond allocations.

The task force and its five subcommittees finalized recommendations Oct. 24, according to an Oct. 27 memo from Assistant City Manager Robert Perez. The recommendations are based on the five key areas included in the bond:
  • Streets and transportation
  • Park and recreation
  • Flood and erosion control
  • Housing, economic development and homelessness
  • Critical facilities
The details

For streets and transportation, the task force recommended a $375 million allocation. This money would be used for projects that include street and thoroughfare improvements, alleys, sidewalks, and traffic signals and calming.

The task force recommended a $350 million allocation for parks and recreation projects. The funding would be used for a variety of projects, such as Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, building and renovating playgrounds and recreation centers, and acquiring new land. In September, Dallas Park and Recreation officials requested $400 million for their department's use.

For flood and erosion control, the task force recommended $75 million. Projects would include upgrading and replacing existing storm drainage lines and providing relief for properties that habitually flood.

An allocation of $100 million was recommended for housing, economic development and homelessness. This would provide funding for projects that include home ownership development, affordable housing preservation and permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. In September, the Dallas Housing Coalition, a new group advocating for affordable housing, rallied outside of City Hall to urge officials to designate $200 million for affordable housing purposes.

The task force recommended a $200 million allocation for critical facilities, such as libraries, arts and culture centers, and the Dallas animal shelter. Dallas Animal Services staff previously said they want $114 million to build a new facility that could be double the size of the current shelter.

What happens next?

The task force’s subcommittees will provide recommended projects for each key area by Oct. 31. The task force is scheduled to meet at 8 a.m. Nov. 4 at City Hall to review the recommendations and develop a draft for the bond program ahead of City Council’s Dec. 6 briefing meeting, according to the memo.

The draft will serve as a starting point for City Council, which has final say on what gets included in the bond for voters. Council members could decide in January whether to approve the bond program and send it to voters for either a May or November election. Dallas’ 2017 and 2006 bond elections were held in November, while the 2003 bond election was held in May, according to the city’s municipal archives.