Qualified Dallas residents can receive financial assistance from the state for utility bills through the end of this year.

The big picture

The state is providing financial assistance through two programs: the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program and the Low-Income Home Emergency Assistance Program. Initially set to close Sept. 30, the programs have been extended to Dec. 29.

Eligible expenses include electricity, gas, propane, water and wastewater fees. Through a partnership between Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas County and the state, some customers may receive up to the total amount due to reconnect their water service, avoid disconnection, or to pay a current or future bill.

Who it’s for

Homeowners and renters must meet this criteria to qualify for assistance:
  • Their household income must be at or below 150% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.
  • At least one occupant in the household must be a U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant.
For water and wastewater assistance, those whose service has been disconnected or are at risk of having their service disconnected are prioritized, according to the program’s website. Those seeking assistance can apply online here or by calling 855-566-2057.