Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax has proposed a $4.63 billion city budget for fiscal year 2023-24, with a general fund budget of $1.84 billion.

The new general fund budget will include an increase of about 8.1% or $138 million over FY 2022-23. The budget proposal includes eight key priorities:
  • Economic development
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Government performance and financial management
  • Housing and homelessness solutions
  • Public safety
  • Quality of life, arts and culture
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Workforce, education and equity
The breakdown

Government performance and financial management: The new budget includes property tax rate cuts, which Mayor Eric Johnson has repeatedly deemed one of his top priorities. Broadnax is recommending the property tax rate lowers from $0.7458 to $0.7393 per $100 valuation. Broadnax said during a press conference Aug. 3 about 57.2% of the general fund budget is derived from property taxes, after the tax base increased by about $18.8 billion over the last year up to $198.3 billion. The minimum wage for city employees will increase to $18.50 per hour.

Public safety: In the upcoming fiscal year, Broadnax plans to allocate an additional $18.6 million for the police and fire departments to provide market-based compensation and step increases. He said city officials hope to hire 290 new police officers and 100 new fire department employees. He is proposing an overtime compensation increase of $14.3 million for the police department and $22.2 million for the fire department.

Transportation and infrastructure: Broadnax plans to spend $150 million on infrastructure, $138 million on streets, $2 million on alley improvements, $4.4 million on bridge repairs and $5.3 million on sidewalks. These expenses do not include the nearly $65 million-$70 million in excess Dallas Area Rapid Transit funding allocated for bike lane upgrades, sidewalk improvements and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramp installations.

Economic development: City officials plan to launch a community development team at no new cost to focus more attention on areas that have “struggled to get the economic attention they need,” Broadnax said. He also proposes increasing public-private partnership investments to support business development.

Environment and sustainability: Broadnax said he wants to add $100,000 to expand the city’s green jobs and upskilling program, and to start offering grants to urban farms. The budget proposal also includes initiating a feasibility study and development of a composting site to turn waste into resources.

Housing and homelessness solutions: Broadnax plans to add $1.5 million in new funding for contractual services to decommission homeless encampments. He also proposed adding $1.5 million to the city’s senior home repair program. Additionally, he plans to reinvest funding that was spent on homeless shelter services to provide relief during inclement weather.

Quality of life, arts and culture: The proposal includes $1.4 million to implement a new short-term rental enforcement team after city officials banned most short-term rentals in June. The Code Compliance team will also be expanded to monitor short-term rental regulation. In addition, the proposal includes about $2 million for the Dallas Park and Recreation Department to manage inflation and buy new equipment, as well as $4 million to allow all city libraries to operate six days per week.

Workforce, education and equity: Broadnax plans to invest $100,000 in a fair housing equity plan and $1 million in the city’s minority- and women-owned business enterprise accelerator pilot program. An “age-friendly” officer will be added to work with the senior community to support existing programs and assess needs.

Stay tuned

Dallas City Council will consider Broadnax’s budget proposal during a workshop at Dallas City Hall on Aug. 8 at 9 a.m. Council is expected to vote on the budget in late September.

Throughout August, City Council members will host one or more town halls for their districts to discuss the budget and solicit feedback from the community.