The Dallas Park and Recreation Department was presented $151,000 by the White Rock Lake Foundation to assist in the restoration of the historic event venue Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake, according to a Jan. 20 press release.

This initial contribution will go toward repairs of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system; painting the interior; and replacing of the roof with other restoration initiatives to follow, according to city officials.

“We will continue to provide funds for the Winfrey Point restoration project, and we are calling on the community to help,” said Joe Kidwell, president of the White Rock Lake Foundation, in a statement. “In partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department—and pending their blessing—we will post signs on site asking for donations and continue hosting our premier fundraising events: the golf tournament in the spring and the gala in the fall.”

According to city officials, the foundation designated restoring the venue as its primary fundraising goal after receiving approval from the city and The White Rock Lake Task Force. Restoring the building to its original state is estimated to cost $500,000. The foundation has earmarked more than $300,000 for the initiative through a matching fund program with the city with around $78,000 raised through the foundation’s annual golf tournament and the Jewel of Dallas Gala, according to the press release.

"Dallas Park and Recreation is appreciative for the longtime partnership with the foundation. Their efforts have benefited White Rock Lake and Dallas residents and visitors," said John Jenkins, director of the park department, in a press release.

The White Rock Lake Foundation started in 1989 as a citizen-formed initiative to improve and protect the lake. Fundraising continues to be a critical component of the White Rock Lake Foundation’s responsibilities. Private funds have paid for essentials at White Rock Lake Park such as picnic tables, bicycle racks, benches, trash receptacles and additional landscaping.

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