Dallas City Council members have until June 29 to amend a map outlining new district boundaries that was recommended for adoption by a special commission.

Council members on May 18 received an in-depth briefing on the recommended map and the monthslong process undertaken by the Dallas Redistricting Commission after new census numbers were released. A number of city officials joined Commission Chair Jesse D. Oliver as they laid out the timeline ahead.

Council has 45 days to approve the plan or modify and approve the plan from the date of submission to Mayor Eric Johnson on May 16, according to the presentation. The redistricting commission's plan is deemed approved if council members do not adopt it or a modified plan before the deadline.

The proposed plan and any amendments may be considered at the council meeting June 8, the presentation stated. Any council member wanting to amend the map is required to submit a written explanation and a modified map by 5 p.m. on June 1. Any submitted changes require a three-quarter vote by council instead of a simple majority.

A final action taken by council is expected to come no later than June 22.

Johnson thanked Oliver for what he called a largely “thankless” job consisting of several hours in 32 public meetings. Johnson added that he has not had any contact with Oliver since appointing him as chair months ago.

“All I wanted to do was to find someone who could discharge the duties as the charter specifies efficiently and in a legally proper manner with the highest integrity,” Johnson said. “[I wanted to find] someone who wasn't going to somehow try to turn this position into some sort of political tool to further themselves or a weapon to hurt someone.”

Council Member Adam McGough serves District 10 and the Lake Highlands community. McGough said he was pleased to see Hamilton Park remaining within his district, despite losing a small tract in the southeastern area.

“It certainly was important to keep our communities of interest tight [and] together,” he said. “And I know everywhere it's not able to do that at all times. But it certainly was important, and I think the commissioners did a good job.”

The full presentation provided to council can be viewed here.