A new lab conducting research on biases found in artificial intelligence systems has been established at Southern Methodist University within the AT&T Center for Virtualization, according to a release Sept. 26.

The Intelligence Systems and Bias Examination Lab, or ISaBEL, aims to quantify and minimize biases found in AI systems. The university has partnered with security and technology firm Pangiam to work on the project. AI systems refer to algorithms that provide instruction for computers to perform certain tasks. These algorithms are used in various fields, including airport security and judicial sentencing, according to the release.

“SMU’s AT&T Center for Virtualization is the perfect place to work on these issues with its focus on cross-disciplinary research, education and training,” AT&T Center for Virtualization Director Suku Nair said in a statement.

According to a university release, as ISaBEL grows the department will seek additional industry partners.