After temporarily closing its doors in November, Truck Yard reopened at 5624 Sears St. in Lower Greenville on March 13.

The business, known for its retro outdoor space and trailer bars, spent about $2 million in renovations, according to a press release. The renovations mainly focused on making the space as weather-friendly as possible for year-round operations and creating more efficient customer touchpoints. It also added more covered patios, a larger bar and kitchen, and revamped bathrooms.

“While no one loves to shell out money to then shell up, we felt a renovation was necessary to meet the demand of our Dallas location,” Truck Yard founder Jason Boso said in the press release. “The first of its kind, we’ve learned a lot in the past decade and have since built out other locations to support the type of business we want to consistently offer guests. We knew Dallas needed new digs, and we feel this is [a] great step into a new decade of business.”

As part of the renovations, guests will enjoy more truck bed seating, new furniture and a covered space for private events. Truck Yard also added new cocktails to its menu. When ordering, guests can now order drinks on their phones to be delivered to their seats. 469-500-0139.