Pull Through Coffee Bar, a new cycling-centric coffee shop, is scheduled to open near White Rock Lake on Feb. 25.

The coffee shop will be located at 4875 W. Lawther Drive, Dallas, inside Dallas Bike Works, a popular local bike shop. In addition to inside seating, the coffee shop will have a walk-up window for outdoor ordering.

Owner Christina James, a longtime coffeeshop worker and cycling enthusiast, said the shop’s name has a dual meaning for coffee fans and cyclists. To baristas, “pull through” means to pull a shot from an espresso machine. However, cyclists also use the term “pull through” to describe when a group of cyclists is riding together and someone from the back of the group “pulls through” to take their turn in the front, James said.

James said the shop is intended to appeal to not just cyclists, but anyone who frequents the White Rock Lake area, including runners, dog walkers and families.

“There’s not really much over on this side of town, or at least on this side of the lake, that people can walk to,” James said. “It’s kind of a dead spot, so I’m trying to fill that void.”

The shop will serve a variety of coffee drinks made with Cultivar Coffee, a Dallas-based coffee roasting company. It will also offer pastries from Leila Bakery & Cafe, a local business in East Dallas, and tea from Rakkasan Tea Co., a local tea vendor. James said she plans to offer other health-conscious options from locally sourced small businesses. She hopes to offer beer and wine in the future, once she gets the licensing to do so.

The shop will offer five specialty drinks with cycling- or running-themed names: Belgian Knee Warmer, Hero Dirt, Runner’s Refresh, Pantani’s Pick-Me-Up and Wake the Waffle.

James said she originally planned to open the shop by summer 2021, but she ended up delaying the opening several times due to licensing and permitting issues, in addition to conflicts with her contractor.

The coffee shop does not have a website yet, but James said those interested in the shop can stay updated through the business’s Instagram page. 469-668-2663