White Rock Lake Dog Park is set to close for maintenance and renovations for the remainder of July.

Laura Johnson, senior landscape architect with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, said portions of the 3-acre, off-leash dog park’s grassy areas will be converted to bark mulch. In addition, the park’s irrigation system will be renovated to help prevent the park from being muddy for extended periods of time.

“Hopefully this will reduce maintenance and water costs because there will be less grass,” Johnson said of the new mulch and irrigation system.

The renovation project will cost about $100,000, which is being allocated from the department’s operating funds, Johnson said.

White Rock Lake Dog Park, located near the intersection of Lawther Drive and Mockingbird Lane, features a 2-acre play area for large dogs and a 1-acre area for small dogs. It includes a “launch” for dogs to access White Rock Lake, which will also close during the renovations.

Two pieces of play equipment will be added to each of the park’s large- and small-dog play areas, Johnson said. The large-dog area will receive a tunnel run for dogs to run through and a “canine condo,” or playground piece that dogs can climb. In the small-dog area, another tunnel run and a ramp for dogs to run up and down will be installed.

The park will close July 10 and is expected to reopen Aug. 1.