The city of Dallas is seeking community feedback on how to spend $40.4 million in federal funding to address the effects of the severe winter storm in 2021 and enhance resilience measures.

Community members can submit feedback on a preliminary spending plan for the funding through the city’s website until April 11. Dallas City Council will hold a public hearing and adopt a final version of the plan during its April 12 meeting.

In March 2022, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Dallas would receive $24.4 million from its Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds. Those funds are appropriated by Congress and allocated by the department to rebuild disaster-impacted areas and provide “crucial seed money” to start the process of long-term recovery from those disasters, according to the department's website. In January, Dallas received extra funding from the department, increasing the 2021 winter storm recovery funds to $40.4 million.

During its March 8 meeting, Dallas City Council adopted the preliminary version of a spending plan laying out how to spend the $40.4 million. About $25 million of the funding was allocated toward the construction of new residential units, according to the plan. Another $2 million was designated for the rehabilitation of residential units and $500,000 for down payment assistance. Other major allocations include about $5.1 million to implement mitigation measures included in the city’s Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.

For more information about the funding and how to submit feedback, visit the city of Dallas' website.