Fort Worth City Council approved a three-year multimillion-dollar agreement with All City Management Services Inc. on April 23 for crossing guard services.

What’s happening

The agreement will provide crossing guards in the morning and afternoon hours for both regular and summer school days, according to meeting documents. The contract runs for an initial three year-term, with about $4.5 million budgeted in the first year, about $5.17 million for the second year and about $5.82 million in the third year.

The background

Currently, the city’s Transportation and Public Works Department covers:
  • 14 school districts
  • 166 schools with elementary and middle school-age children
  • This makes a total of 314 intersections.
All 314 intersections will instead be provided coverage by All City Management Services Inc. This could increase to an estimated 374 intersections at the end of the three-year term, and 434 intersections by the fifth year, if the city chooses to renew the agreement, according to meeting documents.

Funding for the crossing guard services is provided by the city’s Crime Control and Prevention District fund, which provides a half-cent sales tax to implement crime reduction strategies.