The city of Keller provided updates on its Facebook page concerning two on-going road construction projects.

Whitley Road repaving

The first one brought good news to travelers that use Whitley Road. According to the post, the repaving project running from Rapp Road to the southern city limits at North Tarrant Parkway remains on schedule to wrap up by the end of August.

The phases of the project are as follows:
  • The road's base layer and the first asphalt round have been completed from about Rapp to Harper Lane.
  • Work continued south of Harper during the week of July 31.
  • Once the project's southern section receives its first asphalt layer, Tarrant County crews will follow up with a fresh driving surface layer the entire length of the project to minimize seams.
The post stated that Whitley Road remains closed to through traffic during construction hours—roughly 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays—with drivers being detoured to Willis Lane.

Sewer line installation

A sewer line being installed for the Center Stage project is turning into more than city crews bargained for. According to previous Community Impact reporting, the city needs to close Ridge Point Parkway for longer than anticipated due to dry soil conditions, which caused erosion around the construction site July 26.

According to the city’s Facebook post, that erosion has also compromised the road and damaged water and stormwater lines unrelated to this project.

The post stated the contractor has completed repairs on all those underground utilities. However, the road repairs are just starting.

Area residents will soon notice concrete coming up well beyond the boundaries of the original sewer line trench, a section of roadway and soil approximately 60 feet long and 17 feet deep. The crew will then need to recompact the soil and repour the road. Once the concrete is poured, it will be up to a week before traffic can resume.

According to the post, the city anticipates Ridge Point Parkway will still be closed when classes resume at Ridgeview Elementary School on Aug. 16.