The Roanoke Road crossover on SH 170 is permanently closed in Westlake.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, as part of the SH 170 construction, the contractor opened new crossover bridges and U-turn lanes at North Beach Street and Westport Parkway on May 4 and May 12, respectively.

According to the town of Westlake's website, since both of the new crossovers are fully open to traffic, the existing crossovers at Alta Vista Road, Haslet-Roanoke Road, and Roanoke Road have also been permanently closed. Alta Vista, Haslet-Roanoke, and Roanoke roads will still have access to the frontage roads on a right-in, right-out basis, but traffic will no longer be able to go directly across SH 170 at those locations.

Opening the new crossovers at North Beach Street and Westport Parkway has also required the installation of new traffic signals at their intersections with the SH 170 frontage roads, according to the town of Westlake's website.