Fort Worth and Keller are working together to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow near the intersection of Keller Hicks Road and US 377.

With the Missouri Pacific Railroad line serving as the city limits between Fort Worth and Keller, the two cities have agreed that Fort Worth will make improvements to the west of the railway while Keller is responsible for improvements to the east side of the tracks. Fort Worth is managing the project.

According to Fort Worth Communications Manager Valerie Colapret, the improvements to Keller Hicks Road on the west side of the railway include improving the road from a two-lane asphalt road to a three-lane concrete road with 10-foot sidewalks, drainage improvements, illumination improvements, a new traffic signal at Keller Hicks and Katy Road, and an improved railroad crossing.

Keller will improve the roadway between the railroad and US 377 with sidewalks, a sidewalk crossing at the railroad, curb and gutter improvements, and better-defined driveways, according to Rachel Reynolds, Keller’s communication and public engagement manager. An interconnection installed between the railroad infrastructure and the US 377 traffic signal combined with an improved intersection to make turns easier will increase traffic flow.

“This project is part of [Keller’s] continued investment in providing pedestrian safety around and across the railroad tracks,” Director of Public Works Alonzo Liñán said.

According to Colapret, the construction cost estimate is $6.4 million, with Fort Worth contributing $4.5 million of that amount and Keller contributing the remaining funds. Funding from the Fort Worth side will come from its 2018 bond program and transportation impact fees. Keller will use money from its general fund.

Most of the utilities have already been relocated, Colapret said. The final one should be in place by the end of April.

“We’ll be looking at construction starting around November 2023, expecting to take 15-18 months,” she said.