In a continuing effort to reduce noise for homeowners in the Rivers Edge neighborhood located approximately 2 miles north of Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the city of Fort Worth applied for an additional $15 million from the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a city news release.

Should the additional monies be awarded, it would bring the total to $34 million in federal grants used to mitigate aircraft noise in that neighborhood.

The backstory: According to the news release, Fort Worth’s efforts to help 264 homeowners began following a 2018 study that showed increased air activity at Alliance Airport affected their homes, making them eligible for assistance. The homes in Rivers Edge were built between 2008-12.

A closer look: According to the news release, to receive assistance, homeowners agreed to an aviation easement that allows the airport free and unobstructed use of the air space over their houses. To date, 53 homes have been completed for sound insulation, which includes new windows and doors. The FAA requires the measures reduce noise in the homes by at least 5 decibels, and all have reached or exceeded that level, according to Fort Worth’s Aviation Department.

Sorting out the details: The city should know in August about its application. Approximately 150 additional homes are in the process of receiving the sound insulation. The city is on track to complete all the homes by Dec. 31, 2024, according to the news release. Perot Field Fort Worth Alliance Airport is an industrial airport located 14 miles north of downtown Fort Worth. It opened in 1989 in an area that was mostly prairie at the time, according to the news release. It is now the centerpiece of the AllianceTexas development, a 27,000-acre master-planned, mixed-use community that includes homes, businesses and manufacturing facilities.