The Keller Public Works Department completed the reconfiguration of the southbound lanes of Keller-Smithfield Road as they approach Keller Parkway on April 12. According to city documents, drivers are now encountering new road markings and signage to indicate the updated lane assignments:
  • Left-turn only
  • Straight only
  • Right-turn only
What will help: To help drivers adjust to these intersection changes, public works has added two large digital signs and bright orange flags on the permanent pole signage, according to city documents.

Who did it? According to Communication & Public Engagement Manager Rachel Reynolds, this was a joint project between Keller and the Texas Department of Transportation with city crews adjusting the lane assignment markings and signage along with state crews changing the traffic signals.

“A key element of traffic safety is making sure the traffic control devices are appropriate to the existing traffic conditions; when that's in place, traffic flow is smoother, and traffic safety is improved,” Public Works Director Alonzo Liñán said. “We could not have done this without the help and support of TxDOT, and we were so pleased with how efficiently and professionally the project was completed once we came to a consensus regarding what needed to be changed.”