As part of GM and Pilot Company’s effort to build out an electric vehicle fast-charging network nationwide, two electric charging stations will be constructed at the Pilot Travel Center located at 2400 Alliance Gateway Freeway in Fort Worth.

According to state filings, the project will include the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations, a small equipment yard adjacent to the stations, new electrical distribution, minor site work to install the conduits, equipment pads and screening around the equipment yard.

GM and Pilot Company—which includes both Pilot and Flying J travel centers—are collaborating on a national direct current fast-charging network that will be installed, operated and maintained by EVgo through its eXtend offering, according to a Pilot Company press release.

This network of 2,000 charging stalls, co-branded “Pilot Flying J” and “Ultium Charge 360,” will be powered by EVgo eXtend and open to all EV brands at up to 500 Pilot and Flying J travel centers.

According to the press release, GM customers will receive special benefits like exclusive reservations, discounts on charging, a streamlined charging process, and integration into GM’s vehicle brand apps providing real-time charger availability and help with route planning.

“We are committed to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, and ensuring that the right charging infrastructure is in place is a key piece of the puzzle,” GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra said in press release. “With travel centers across North America, Pilot Company is an ideal collaborator to reach a broad audience of EV drivers.”

“GM and Pilot Company designed this program to combine private investments alongside intended government grant and utility programs to help reduce range anxiety and significantly close the gap in long-distance EV charger demand,” Pilot Company CEO Shameek Konar said. “Our travel centers are well-equipped to accommodate EV charging with 24/7 amenities and convenient proximity to major roadways across the country. We look forward to collaborating with GM and the U.S. Department of Transportation to make convenient coast-to-coast EV travel a reality through our national network of travel centers.”

According to state filings, the total area of the project is 1,100 square feet and is estimated to cost $200,000. The project start date is estimated to be Aug. 8 and is slated for completion Sept. 29.