Skies over Grapevine, Southlake, Trophy Club and Westlake could be a bit noisier through March 6.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport's secondary arrival runway on the airport's west side closed Feb. 21 and will remain closed through March 6 to accommodate work being done to rehabilitate the pavement, according to an airport press release.

Operations on this runway generally affect the cities of Grapevine, Southlake, Trophy Club and Westlake.

According to the press release, these communities may experience a minor increase in noise from the effects of the change in operations during the closure. Aircraft typically take off and land into the wind; when winds are southerly, aircraft typically take off to the south and land from north to south, and vice-versa when winds are northerly.

The press release stated operational needs, such as runway closures, may take precedence over wind patterns in terms of the direction aircraft take off and land.

According to the press release, while runway 13L/313R is closed for repairs; when winds are out of the north or light/variable there will be little to no change in operations. Turboprop departures may shift runways. When winds are out of the south, arrivals may shift. The use of the outboard runways may be extended at night to 11 p.m.