The city of Keller is installing a number of upgrades to the intersection of Lakeview Drive and North Tarrant Parkway. The intersection has been the site of at least 11 accidents since 2015.

The city currently has a number of water-filled barriers in place, Public Works Director Alonzo Linan said.

“Over the last several years, we have been made aware of a number of crashes that have happened at that intersection,” Linan said. “We’ve installed advisory speed limit signs, ... and [we] installed water barriers for the first time [in 2018].”

Past improvements to the intersection have included leveling roadway in 2017 and a reduction to the speed limit from 40 mph to 35 mph in 2018, he said. The roadway also underwent scarring in early 2018 to improve friction between the road and tires.

The next phase of work at the intersection could begin as early as December, Linan said. In October, Keller City Council approved a total project cost of $121,465 for the intersection improvements. The city will redefine the edge of the roadway at that intersection by removing the existing pavement and constructing an attached curb.

Road crews will also install a 75-foot guardrail with reflective tape and impact features on the west section of North Tarrant past Lakeview. Additionally, the east section of North Tarrant Parkway will receive landscaping improvements, such as the implementation of native soil, plants and trees.

Timeline: December 2020-spring 2021

Cost: $121,465

Funding source: city of Keller