Keller City Council approved four measures July 20 that will invest nearly $3 million in Overton Ridge Park in the city's northern area.

The projects cover the 12 undeveloped acres of the existing park at a planned cost of $2,966,681. The additions will include a playground, restrooms, pavilion, shaded seating areas and parking. They will also include trails that will connect with the existing trails on the park’s west side eastward to Roanoke Road.

The playground will be unique in that it will be the city’s first fully-inclusive playground, intentionally designed for children of all physical abilities.

“I’m super happy that you’re building a playground that is going to be accessible to everyone,” Council Member Beckie Paquin said.

The 8 acres of the park that are currently developed include a playground, pavilion, swing area, basketball court and trails.

The expansion within the property has been on the city’s radar since 2015, according to Keller Director of Community Services Cody Maberry. More recently, a series of public input meetings were held that helped shape the final proposal from the Parks & Recreation Board. That proposal from the board was voted on by City Council as presented.

While presenting to council, Maberry noted that an original cost estimate based on the board’s recommendations was more than $3.3 million. In order to cut costs, some elements of the project were separated and bid out, apart from the base general contractor bid—which was awarded to C. Green Scaping, LP, out of Fort Worth. Maberry explained that the work to the park also includes important drainage improvements.

In addition to the $2,441,218 bid from C. Green Scaping, LP, the city approved a bid from Romtec, Inc., to construct the restrooms structure for $228,568; a bid from The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot, LLC, of Keller, to construct the playground for $183,777; and a bid from Flower Mound-based Site Source, Inc., to purchase and install three pavilions and a bench shade structure for a cost of $113,118.

All four approval votes were unanimous and, according to a post to the city’s Facebook page, construction is expected to begin around the beginning of September and take about nine months.

Preceding the vote, several council members expressed their excitement about the project.

“I’m really excited about Overton Ridge Park,” Council Member Ross McMullin said. “It's going to be an opportunity for us to finally get a destination area in north Keller.”