City-owned fitness and aquatic facility The Keller Pointe continues to experience growth in a number of key areas.

In 2019, the facility set records for total attendance and net revenue. Total attendance was 290,632, a 5% increase from 2018, and total net revenue surpassed $750,000, a 16% increase from the previous year, according to city officials.

“Our vision is to be recognized as a fiscal and operational leader with a first-class facility achieving continuous growth,” The Keller Pointe Manager Jennifer Oakes said.

Total memberships at The Keller Pointe equaled 4,208, and the total number of individual members in 2019 was 12,659, Oakes said. The combined number of memberships represents a 24% penetration rate among Keller residents as compared to a 16% national average.

“That’s pretty impressive considering there are 20 other fitness facilities in Keller city limits,” Oakes said, "not to mention the large chain facilities just outside our borders.”

Total 2019 revenue for The Keller Point equaled $3,384,826, and total expenditures equaled $2,631,495.

The Keller Pointe Fund also distributed $1.5 million in 2019 for capital projects, including software conversion; replacement equipment; indoor pool heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacement; an indoor-pool slide; and locker room renovations. According to Oakes, the new software will allow staff to test more advanced features and implement additional applications.

“The nice thing about The Pointe is ... since the day we built it, each and every year, we reinvest more and more money into it and continue to improve and expand it," Mayor Pat McGrail said. "It’s a facility to be really proud of. I think the citizens of Keller are very fortunate to have this facility.”