Hillwood, the developer behind AllianceTexas, announced a new distribution center lease with Carolina Beverage Group.

The company will be located at Alliance Center North 9, which is located at the southeast corner of North Beach Street and Litsey Road in Denton County, according to a news release.

Construction began in December and is expected to be completed this fall, the release stated.

“AllianceTexas has given us access to world-class amenities focused on furthering our growth, and we are excited to expand into our new space at Alliance Center North 9,” said Brian Demos, president and CEO of Carolina Beverage Group, in the release. “We are now able to continue tapping into those amenities while seamlessly serving our growing footprint across the country.”

Carolina Beverage Group expanded to AllianceTexas in 2014 with its manufacturing and warehouse facility.

“The facility offers cold fill, hot fill and tunnel pasteurization capabilities and can produce can sizes ranging from 8 ounces-24 ounces, including the resealable CapCan,” according to the release.

The company also operates an additional distribution center in AllianceTexas. https://carolinabeveragegroup.com