A new parking garage is being planned for Roanoke, as the City Council approved a measure at the May 14 meeting to help that garage become a reality.

The details

In a consent agenda item, council approved an agreement between the city and Good Fulton & Farrell Inc. for architectural design services of the Roanoke Main Street parking garage.

The garage would be constructed along US 377, between Main Street and Bowie Street, according to a letter from Good Fulton & Farrell.

Zooming in

City officials said in an agenda memo that they had developed a conceptual layout showing roughly 420 spaces spread over four stories. Officials said this plan should cost between $9.24 and $11.7 million from a construction standpoint, with this estimate based on a range of $22,000-$28,000 per parking stall, which they said is how the industry formulates parking garage cost.

One variable driving that $2.52 million range is the construction assembly—cast-in-place versus precast concrete—with cast-in-place being more costly but more durable, according to documents. One other variable is that the inclusion of street-level retail space would push the cost to the higher range.

Owner development costs will be approximately $250,000 and will include contingency, utility fees, construction material testing, geotechnical services and IT equipment, which is needed to support security and technology features, documents stated.

Also of note

At the meeting, council members Hogan Page, Ward 1; Bryan Moyers, Ward 2; David Thompson, Ward 3; and Mayor Scooter Gierisch were sworn in for their new terms, which are three years. Gierisch defeated Sean Turner in the mayor election. The three council members ran unopposed.