Elevating family life comprised a part of the list of fiscal year 2024-25 budget strategies given to Keller City Council during an April 16 work session.

The details

Interim City Manager Aaron Rector, who also oversees city finance, gave the budget report. Besides elevating family life, the other five strategies covered were:
  • Attracting vibrant development
  • Demonstrating fiscal discipline
  • Improving and maintaining sound infrastructure
  • Putting people first
  • Expanding citizen engagement
Elevating family life involves such actions as continuing trail system expansion, continuing Keller Sports Park construction and continuing special events, such as Holly Days.

Zooming in

On revenue guiding principles, he said efforts are made to ensure the city’s taxpayers do not pay more city tax dollars on a year-to-year basis.

“We’ve done that the past few years,” Rector said. “We’re looking to continue that in ‘25.”

He said the next principle on the list—estimated sales tax growth based upon year-end projections—is “worrisome,” because he said there’s been some flatlining in the last few months. In the past, there would be some modest growth, but he said in talking with colleagues in other cities, they are seeing the same issue.

“[What] we just received are the February sales, so we may see something different with March and get back on track," he said, adding, "how we're trending has us right at budget."

He later said the good news is there’s a “bit of a cushion” in sales tax, and “we should be good in ‘25.” The city has enjoyed sales tax growth the past few years, and he said there was some thought it would flatline, and “here we are,” Rector said.

Rector’s presentations showed that city staff will continue to monitor the development revenue, consider water/wastewater rates based on a new rate study and consider results of the 2024 citizen survey.

Expenditure guiding principles included, among other targets, maintaining fiscally conservative budgets; prioritizing spending where it matters most, such as public safety, parks and trails, and streets and sidewalks; and protecting taxpayer interests. Rector’s list also showed officials will endeavor to create an operationally balanced budget, maintain base funding and current service levels, and consider salary adjustments, among other principles.

What to expect

Keller city department budgets will be turned in over the next month, and city certified values are expected to be received on July 25. The city budget and tax rate, which will have the requisite announcements and hearings, will be set on Sept. 17.