Keller residents can respond to an online survey until March 24 that will gauge their thoughts on the city in a number of areas.

The survey launched March 7, said Rachel Reynolds, communication and public engagement manager for the city of Keller.

“We’ve conducted these surveys early each year to ensure that City Council and staff have results as we begin working on the next fiscal year’s budget,” she said in an email.

The details

In addition to some overall rating of the community in areas such as quality of life, residents can share their priorities on topics such as safety and security, growth and development, and city amenities, Reynolds said.

“They’ll also share feedback on their interactions with city staff and elected leaders, rate various aspects of our police department, and more,” she said.

Results will be shared with Keller City Council during its work session April 2, and residents will have access to the results through the city website soon after, Reynolds said.

Reynolds said this is the third consecutive year of conducting a community survey.

What they’re saying

Mayor Armin Mizani explained in an email how the city will use the information from the survey.

“One of City Council’s top priorities each year is to approve a fiscal budget that reflects the values and interests of our residents,” he said. “This community survey helps City Council ensure that our priorities are aligned with the needs and desires of the residents we represent. Over the last few years, we have seen historic tax relief, and major improvements to our infrastructure, parks and trails, and city amenities. These accomplishments are a reflection of the council taking action on survey results.”

Also of note

One survey section will appear only for residents who match particular criteria, Reynolds said.

“If a respondent tells us that they’re 55 or older—or the primary caregiver to someone in that age bracket—they will see additional questions toward the end of the survey focused on senior-focused services and programming,” she said.