A guaranteed maximum price has been established for the Keller Police Department building renovation project.

Keller City Council approved the price—$3.9 million—at its Feb. 20 meeting in an amendment to the Construction Manager at Risk Services Agreement with AUI Partners LLC of Fort Worth.

The background

A council agenda memo states that the Crime Control & Prevention District fiscal year 2023-24 budget was approved in June 2023 by the CCPD board and on July 18, 2023, by Keller City Council, including $4.5 million for the Keller Police Department renovation project. An additional $570,000 was approved Feb. 15 by the CCPD board. The final total project will cost $5.06 million, and with the $4.5 million and $570,000 added to make $5.07 million, the project is within budget by $5,716, Keller Police Chief Brad Fortune said.

The project calls for expansion of a number of areas to the police building, such as men's and women’s locker rooms areas and records section, upgrade of the criminal investigation division area, a new fitness area, and upgrades in dispatch.

Construction would begin in February or March, and the project’s anticipated completion would be in December, Fortune said.

The details

The initial budget for the renovations came in at $5.6 million—which was $1.1 million over budget—and Fortune said reductions of $535,871 were made to get the price to $5.06 million. The $3.9 million for the guaranteed maximum price is for construction alone, said Rachel Reynolds, communication and public engagement manager for the city, explaining that the $5 million number represents total project cost, such as the design, furniture and other expenses.