At its Nov. 13 meeting, Trophy Club Town Council unanimously approved funding a slide component for the city's Community Pool, but decided to take no action yet on a party room to be built at the venue.

Council decided to discuss the room's dimensions further.

Community Pool is located at 500 Parkview Drive.

"Making [the party room] more functional is the way to go, I think," council member Steve Flynn said just before the vote.

The background

Council discussed the pool project Oct. 8 and asked staff to bring the item back with additional information to the November meeting.

Information on the project was originally presented to council Nov. 8, 2022, with the council voting unanimously to approve the project in two phases, according to a council agenda memo. Phase 1 replaced the pumps, fixed a leak in the pool, updated the lockers and made improvements in the office/concession room areas, the memo states. Phase 2 will add slides and create a party room that can be used for rentals all year.

What's happening

On Nov. 13, council learned in a slide presentation from Halff Associates—the town's engineering and architecture firm—about the site plan, budget, schedule and proposed improvements to the project. The proposed party room would have more than 2,400 square feet and an occupancy of 60 people, but the occupancy could be expanded to 100 people with an expansion of 750 square feet; an expansion would cost about $400,000 more. The slides and plunge pool area will be 5,000 square feet with a 500-person bleacher seating area, for the people who want to view the competition pool.

The construction period would be 146 days, according to Halff Associates data. The total cost for both phases is $3.9 million, with the Phase 2 portion costing $2.2 million.

What they're saying

Trophy Club Mayor Jeannette Tiffany said she wanted to know whether the party room could be enlarged so that more people could gather there, explaining there was a desire among the public to have a community center.

"Absolutely, it will cost us more," she said, adding that the pool is not used year-round and that the room could have multiple usages and applications.

Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Sheridan suggested the council approve the slide portion of the pool and table any decision about the party room so there could be more discussion. Council member LuAnne Oldham also thought the party room could be reconsidered on the design side and cost less, as she said it was "grandiose" in its original look. She suggested 2,000 square feet for the party room.