Trophy Club Town Council took no action on funding the Community Pool Project, citing a need to see more information on how and when money would be spent, during a meeting Oct. 9.

Council will look at the issue again next month.

The background

The second phase of the pool project would add slides, a plunge pool and create a party room that can be used for rentals all year. In November 2022, council approved the project in two phases with the first phase having replaced the pumps, fixed a leak in the pool, updated the lockers, and made improvements in the office and concession room areas, according to a council memo. Community Pool is located at 500 Parkview Drive.

Funding for this project was allocated as part of the 2021 certificates of obligation bonds issued to the town, a council agenda memo states. The first phase funding was nearly $1.2 million, and the second phase is $2.7 million. The second phase also includes miscellaneous site improvements.

Zooming in

Ronnie Angel, interim director of the town’s parks and recreation department, spoke to council about the project, with Kirk Wilson, representing Halff Associates, assisting in the discussion. Angel discussed the site plan, budget and proposed amendments.

On the site plan, the slide’s location, formerly where the kiddie pool was located near Parkview Drive, was moved and would now be positioned between the splash pad and the competition pool, Angel said. The party room will be placed somewhere near the splash pad, but its exact location has not been finalized. The party room can be used year-round, and the kiddie pool will still remain in the same spot and would not be affected by the other main components.

What they're saying

Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Sheridan was hesitant about funding Phase 2, asking for a breakdown in costs. Wilson said he didn’t have the numbers but said he could get them.

“I’m not ready to for vote it—not until I have some real numbers,” Sheridan said, quickly adding he supports Phase 2.

But he said if the party room costs $900 per square foot, then he would be opposed to it and finds that to be a “total waste of money.”

The party room would be built on-site and have roughly 1,200 square feet minus the restrooms and kitchen area, Angel said.

Angel said town officials hope to have the second phase project’s design finished and ready to send out for bid in the first part of January, and then open the bids first part of February and start construction afterward. The pool would be ready at the end of May. The party room would be finished as soon as possible, he said.