Westlake residents will have police services for another five years from the Keller Police Department following a services agreement approval at a Sept. 19 Keller City Council meeting.

Keller Police Department personnel have been providing police services to the Town of Westlake since 2002.

“This agreement has worked very well for both communities,” a Keller City Council agenda memo stated.

The term runs from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2028. The item was approved as part of the council’s consent agenda.

The details

Westlake receives the services of the 98-person state and nationally accredited police force, including police, dispatch, detention and animal services. The agency is fully staffed and equipped to handle all types of incidents for a fraction of the cost, the memo stated.

Keller receives funding for eight employees, including equipment and capital costs that provide the needed patrol coverage in the north section of Keller, as well as an administrative charge for the program. The agreement also includes providing a full-time school resource officer for Westlake Academy, which is the only significant change compared to prior agreements, according to city documents. The school resource officer was added in October 2022.

What residents should know

The renewal cost for Fiscal Year 2023-24 is estimated to be $1,208,277, city officials said.

“Each year the price will be adjusted to reflect true costs to provide the service,” the memo stated.

The revenue from the town of Westlake for services provided is allocated to the general fund, and the amount is equal to about 10% of the general fund police budget.