An idea to add a certain amenity at the community pool in Trophy Club won’t be making a splash—for now.

At the Aug. 28 meeting, Town Council unanimously took no action on a review of Phase 2 of the community pool. The Phase 2 plan includes the addition of a slide, and the measure eventually will be brought back to the council for approval.

The details

Interim Town Secretary Terri Johnson said in an email that $4 million was budgeted for the two phases of the pool project. Phase 1 has been completed at approximately $1 million, leaving a balance of approximately $3 million to complete Phase 2.

The costs of items, including the slide, in the proposed Phase 2 are being compiled, and a funding obligation will be presented to the council at a future date.

What they're saying

During a comment period on the community pool, Wendie Bailey, who serves on the parks board, said she wanted council to reconsider moving forward with the addition of a slide at the town pool.

She said the pool is open for just three months a year and is already a “ghost town.” She said many residents have pools, and Hawaiian Falls is located nearby in Roanoke. She said the slide would draw only a small number of people and thus would not be a revenue maker.

“That’s not really going to go anywhere,” she said.

She said the pool should be open to people besides residents. She said money for the slide could be used elsewhere at the pool that could benefit more people, such as programs for senior citizens, and equipment, such as a heater for the pool, which could then open the way for it to be open year-round.

Dean Murray, chair of the parks board, said he supported the slide and that it would be a benefit for the town in that it would draw young people.

“I think it’s a huge amenity,” he said, noting other area cities have slides at their pools.

The parks board approved installing the slide. He said a comprehensive pool plan exists for Phase 2 of the pool; Phase 2 involves the installation of the slide and other improvements.

Council Member Karl Monger said Phase 2 of the pool plan needs to be presented to the council before it can take any action.

“This hasn’t been vetted to the extent that it needs to be,” Council Member Steve Flynn said.

In other news

Also on the consent agenda, council approved an interlocal agreement for police school resource officer services for fiscal year 2023-24 and an interlocal agreement between the town and Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 for fire services.

For the school resource officer services, the agreement provides two school resource officers for the four schools in Trophy Club for one year, the agenda memo states. This agreement provides that Northwest ISD will cost-participate in the salary and benefits for the officers, as well as provide funding for vehicle use. Northwest ISD will pay the town an amount not to exceed $161,706 for the maintenance of two school resource officers and the use of police vehicles.

For the interlocal agreement, the Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 and the town district and town are parties to the existing interlocal cooperation agreement for fire protection services that expires Sept. 30. The agreement sets forth certain terms and conditions of the parties relating to fire protection services to residents of the district and town, including the residents of the Trophy Club Public Improvement District No. 1, and authorizes the town to manage all day-to-day operations of fire personnel. This agreement has been executed by President Kevin Carr of Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 upon approval by the district.

Also of note

In other developments, council approved consent agenda items that involved a rate increase for trash pickup. The town contracts with Republic Services, and as of Oct. 1, rates will increase to $19.76 a month, an increase of 76 cents per month.

“The trash service has not changed and allows for curbside trash pickup twice a week, recycling once a week, and bulk trash pickup allowed on each trash pickup day,” a council agenda memo states.