The city of Fort Worth launched its new homepage July 29. The updated site features numerous improvements focused on making the online platform more user-friendly and inclusive.

The details

According to a city news release, the new homepage has undergone thorough accessibility testing, leading to increased Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant features. The homepage allows for smooth text-to-speech functionality, benefiting sight-impaired residents who can now access content easier.

Additional features include:
  • Relocating task icons and redesigning for ADA compliance. One of the key changes website visitors will notice is the relocation of task icons to the center of the webpage. The task icons have also been redesigned to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Revolving carousel of banners for important news, events and resources. The new homepage now features a revolving carousel of banners showcasing important updates on news, events and resources. This feature allows the city to keep the community informed about the latest news and essential information in an engaging way.
  • More featured city news articles. In response to the growing demand for relevant news updates, Fort Worth has expanded the number of featured city news articles on the homepage. Visitors will now have access to a total of nine articles, ensuring that important stories and announcements receive greater attention.
  • Emphasizing the “search” feature. To further enhance user experience, the revamped website places emphasis on the “search” feature. This upgraded search functionality allows users to quickly find the specific information they are seeking, saving time and effort.
Diving in deeper

According to the news release, the city has also consolidated address-related resources under the umbrella of “One Address.”

By removing the “What's happening near my address?” section, visitors are encouraged to explore One Address, a comprehensive hub for all location-specific information, services and resources.

The news release goes on to state that the homepage redesign project was completed in-house by the city’s webmaster, making it a cost-effective initiative.