The Fort Worth Fire Department will buy 11 fire trucks to replace aging ones and an emergency response trailer after Fort Worth City Council gave the approval late last month.

During the Oct. 25 meeting, a contract was awarded to Siddons Martin Emergency Group to buy 11 Pierce Manufacturing trucks for $14 million. The trucks will replace ones that have reached the ends of their service lives, which is determined by age, hours of use and maintenance costs, according to documents. Engine trucks are replaced between eight and 10 years and then serve as a reserve truck for another five to seven years.

The cost is covered by tax notes from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

The estimated delivery date for the new trucks is a little more than 775 days, which is around the end of 2024, according to city documents.

The emergency on-demand response trailer was also purchased from Siddons for $110,926. The Fort Worth Fire Department Bomb Squad will use the trailer to carry equipment on rapid response trucks when needed. The expected life for the trailer is 10 years, according to documents, and will be delivered next year. A 2021 grant from Homeland Security—Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities—will cover the cost of the trailer.

The council also approved a contract with Lion First Responder PPE and North American Fire Equipment Co. for $1.35 million for firefighter personal protective equipment. Fort Worth firefighters will be able to borrow gear from this exchange program when their personal gear is getting cleaned. The contract includes three one-year renewal options, which could push the contract to $5.4 million. This initial $1.35 million is coming from the general fund for the fiscal year 2022-23 budget.