The city of Fort Worth has entered into a long-term contract with Sprocket Networks to bring high-speed internet across the city.

The details

According to a city news release, Sprocket Networks, a Texas-based provider of high-speed fiber-optic internet services, has been contracted to help the city build and then operate a high-speed digital fiber network—a project known as Fort Worth Fiber—that will accomplish two main goals:
  • Serve the city’s municipal sites
  • Bring high-speed internet access to areas of Fort Worth where broadband infrastructure investments have not kept the same pace with growing needs
A closer look

By building a high-speed digital fiber network that involves installing more than 300 miles of fiber-optic cable throughout the city, the news release states customers will be able to rely on an internet service in their homes and businesses with the following characteristics:
  • Multigigabit speeds
  • Symmetrical upload and download rates
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage
According to the news release, high-speed internet with reliable connectivity and ample bandwidth can help ensure a customer’s internet service can support multiple devices for activities such as internet browsing, streaming and gaming.

What they’re saying

“We are excited to build and operate a broadband network in Fort Worth that will bring high-speed internet access to more residents and businesses,” said Will Gibson, president of Sprocket Networks. “We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high-speed internet, and we are committed to bridging the digital divide in our community.”

“The expansion of broadband access is a critical part of our efforts to close the digital divide and ensure that all residents have access to the internet,” Mayor Mattie Parker said. “The internet is essential for education, employment and economic development, and we are grateful for Sprocket Networks’ investment in our city.”

According to the Fort Worth Fiber website, where residents can join the waitlist and receive project updates, construction will begin in early 2024. Service will be made available to residents and businesses throughout the city on a rolling basis during the initial three-year build-out.