Shoppers at the Walmart Neighborhood Market located 2130 Rufe Snow Drive in Keller will soon see several changes.

According to state records, the store is currently undergoing a $1.1 million renovation that includes:
  • A complete remodel of the deli/bakery department, including the addition of a blast chiller which will allow the store to sell cold chickens again;
  • An addition of a wellness room to the pharmacy, so pharmacists will no longer have to administer vaccines in a fold up cubicle and customers can have more privacy;
  • The installation of a new refrigerated pet food cooler;
  • Restrooms that will be completely redone; and
  • Updated paint and signage throughout the store.
In addition to these changes, a community mural will be added to the grocery vestibule.

Walmart’s Community Mural Program is the largest public-facing art installation nationwide and is an important part of each store’s transformation and our commitment to community,” said Lauren Willis, global communications director for the western U.S. “It’s a creative way for us to celebrate community, inspire connection and foster a sense of pride and belonging for our associates and customers. Every mural is unique and reflects the diversity and local cultural references of each neighborhood where we operate.”

According to Janey Whiteside, EVP and chief customer officer, the renovation is part of a companywide effort to reimagine ways to create seamless omni-shopping experiences that save customers time and inspire them whether in-store, online or via mobile.

“In today’s omnichannel world, customers still want to experience—touch, feel and try—items,” stated Alvis Washington, vice president, marketing store design, innovation and experience in a press release. “So, we’re now aiming to make customers feel wowed and proud when they shop with us. We’re using powerful design elements to show off amazing products that wow our customers, and when they see the value, they are proud of their choice and purchase.”

According to Willis, the renovation is slated for completion later this summer. The Keller Walmart Neighborhood Market originally opened in April 2001.