After evaluating attendance boundaries that need to be established and adjusted with the opening of Perrin Elementary School for the 2024-25 school year, the Northwest ISD board of trustees approved staff's recommendation, which was presented in December.

The backstory

On Dec. 11, Tim McClure, assistant superintendent for facilities, presented to the board of trustees findings from work done by district officials and representatives with Zonda Demographics—a demographics and planning firm that serves more than 120 school districts—to come up with initial attendance boundary adjustments.

While only elementary schools will be affected by boundary adjustments due to the opening of Perrin Elementary, staff established recommendations for all schools across the district for future growth, which include:
  • Students starting fifth grade next school year would be eligible to remain at their existing elementary school.
  • Students starting eighth grade next school year would be eligible to remain at their existing middle school.
  • Students starting 11th and 12th grades next school year would be eligible to remain at their existing high school.
  • Students choosing to remain would not receive bus transportation, and younger siblings would not be eligible for bus transportation.
The details

During his Jan. 8 presentation, McClure said that the attendance boundary committee, which is made up of various district officials, began engaging with the community after the Dec. 11 meeting to get feedback about the initial recommendation. Those items include:
  • Dec. 12: ParentSquare letter regarding upcoming rezoning sent only to affected schools
  • Dec. 14: Northwest News including rezoning information
  • Dec. 18: Facebook Live event
  • Dec. 20: Community meeting at Clara Love Elementary
  • Ongoing Q&A and correspondence
McClure reiterated the guidelines he and his staff use to make boundary adjustments when the district, which is the fastest-growing district in North Texas, is experiencing such "explosive growth," he said. They include:
  • Preventing campus overcrowding
  • Maintaining student-to-teacher ratios
  • Minimizing future boundary changes and its impact on students
  • Improving efficiency of schools
  • Considering the opening of new campuses
A closer look

Based upon community feedback, McClure said that the attendance boundary committee tweaked the recommended attendance numbers at Clara Love Elementary and Hatfield Elementary to accommodate projected growth in the district through the 2033-34 school year.
While the board approved staff’s recommendation that included the updated Clara Love Elementary and Hatfield Elementary projections, McClure stressed to the board that with the way the district is growing, those numbers could change.

“If you want to go to a [certain] school, you better [be able to] open the front door and see the school because that’s the only guarantee,” McClure said. “We know how quickly numbers can change around here and what we think is the golden rule today, three months from now it might be a different number.”