The educational attainment of those 25 and older in Keller and Roanoke shows a higher percentage of those with bachelor's degrees than the state average, according to the most recent American Community Survey estimates.

Conversely, the educational attainment of those 25 and older in Fort Worth shows an equal percentage of those with a bachelor's degree when compared to the state average of 19.1%.

The city of Keller differs from Roanoke and Fort Worth by having a higher percentage of residents with a graduate or professional degree. The city's percentage is also nearly twice that of the state average of 10.2%.

Among higher education institutions with campuses in the Keller-Roanoke-Northeast Fort Worth area, the University of North Texas had the largest enrollment with 39,192 students in the fall 2019 semester.

Tarrant County College Northwest and Northeast campuses had a combined 19,638 students enrolled during the same time period.

More information on educational attainment levels for Keller, Roanoke and Fort Worth and the demographic makeup of local colleges can be found below.