Utah-based Swig, a chain of quick-service restaurants, received approval from Keller City Council on April 4 for a special-use permit. The permit will allow Swig to operate a drive-thru at 2021 Rufe Snow Drive, which is within a retail zoning district.

According to city documents, the building will be 665 square feet and offer no indoor nor outdoor seating. Swig employees will walk out to vehicles to take orders as there will not be a speaker box installed at that location.

Swig offers a variety of drinks, including sodas, revivers, refreshers and hot chocolate. According to a company press release, its “dirty soda”—a sweet drink made with soda, cream and flavored syrup—became a wildly popular TikTok challenge when users began creating their own unique dirty soda drink blends and then sharing them on the social media platform.

The beginning and ending dates of construction were not provided at the April 4 council meeting.