For Lupe’s restaurant, located at 2122 Rufe Snow Drive, Ste. 108, Keller, changes are afoot.

The restaurant is expanding to accommodate more diners, a bigger bar area and a new stage for entertainment. At the same time, the name is changing from Lupe’s Tex Mex Grill to Lupe’s Comida Con Sabor.

“The expansion will allow us to have more room for customers, especially families,” owner Isabel Huerta said. “I would say that the space will be 25% larger.”

By building a new stage as part of the expansion, Huerta is planning to host live music and a DJ.

Lupe’s offers a full menu of Mexican food, including nachos al carbon, shrimp tacos and fajitas. Besides the Keller location, there are two more locations, one in Bedford and the other in Arlington. Huerta expects the expansion of the Keller restaurant to be complete by the end of February.