Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies announced a renewed lease and expansion in Roanoke on May 2.

Located at 1051 Republic Drive., Ste. 200, Roanoke, the facility is in the AllianceTexas footprint. Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies manufactures Cummins-branded natural gas fuel delivery systems at the facility for the the North American commercial vehicle market, according to a news release.

Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies is expanding its operations to include an additional 50% of manufacturing space and will occupy nearly 160,000 square feet in the Gateway 57 building.

“We are proud to be a leader in renewable natural gas in the commercial vehicle industry and continue to support the intermediate and long-term growth potential of RNG vehicles due to the environmental and economic benefits, imminent regulatory requirements and corporate ESG goals,” said Mike Zimmerman, general manager of Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies, said in a news release. “With our newly expanded space, we are better able to meet the growing demand for natural gas fuel systems as well as innovate and bring new products to market to support a wide variety of customers.”

Renewable natural gas can result in a net greenhouse gas emission at or below zero, according to the company.