Billed as a venue “unlike anything else in Tarrant County,” a new food and entertainment option will be available this fall for area residents.

Truck Yard, a more than 2-acre dining and entertainment venue, will feature live music, a full bar and a rotating stable of food trucks. Developed by Hillwood, the venue has a scheduled opening date of fall 2020, according to a company news release.

With Truck Yard locations in Dallas and Houston, which has been dubbed a come-as-you-are adult playground and beer garden–the AllianceTexas venue will be the first Truck Yard location in Tarrant County, according to the release.

The Tarrant County venue will be located at Alliance Town Center and feature a 6,500-square-foot indoor area named the West Texas Pole Barn, heavily shaded patios, a game area for adults and kids, a rest area for pets and historic windmills, water towers, silos, hand-painted murals and signs, the release said.

“This location will be more live-music-forward with a Fort Worth honky-tonk beer hall ambiance,” said Jason Boso, the CEO of Truck Yard parent company Brainstorm Shelter, in the release. “The West Texas Pole Barn has the largest amount of interior space of any of our locations, designed to keep us open and serving year-round. I’m most excited about the Fainting Goat Ranch, which is a nod to the cattle and horses that Hillwood has kept on this land. It will have guest appearances for holidays, parties and Instagram-able moments with llamas, ponies, goats, bison and other animals.”

In addition to the pole barn, the venue will feature multiple music stages constructed from vintage 1950s flatbed trucks and will be open 364 days a year, the release said.