Fort Worth Animal Care & Control has over 150 cat intakes and has more than 250 cats in its care the first week of July.

According to the city’s news release, many well-intentioned pet lovers believe they are helping when they bring feral kittens to the shelter. But that may not be the best course of action because no one can take better care of kittens than their mother, according to the shelter.

Put in perspective

The shelter said it is common for a mother cat to leave her kittens for periods of time to hunt or provide for her family. That does not mean she has abandoned them, which is very rare.

The news release advised that if a litter of kittens is found, it's best to leave them be and observe them for several days. If it is known that the mother cat has not returned or the kittens appear sick or dehydrated, then contact Fort Worth Animal Care & Control so staff can assess and assist.

Zooming in

There are cats and kittens of all ages—from neonates and weaned kittens to seniors. Fort Worth residents can help kittens by becoming a foster until they are old enough to be adopted. Staff has several ways to give potential foster parents a helping hand:
  • Giving bottle-feeding information
  • Offering hands-on training with individual fosters
  • Providing resources to make the foster process easier
Zooming out

According to the news release, adopting a pet is a way to experience the unbreakable bond of a shelter pet. During PetSmart National Adoption Week, which runs July 10-16, adoptions are free and all adoptable animals are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered. Adopters receive an informational welcome packet and a coupon book for discounts on pet supplies at participating PetSmart Charities stores.

The news release went on to state that whether fostering or adopting, expert staff members will guide potential pet parents to the perfect match for their household taking into consideration personality and lifestyle, as well as space and time restrictions.

The Animal Care & Control website has more information on how to adopt or foster a pet.