Alisa Simmons, Tarrant County commissioner of Precinct 2, questioned the the recent appointment of Clint Ludwig as the new elections administrator by the Tarrant County Elections Commission. In a news release from June 16, she said the appointment has sparked concerns among constituents and stakeholders.

The backstory

The election commission, which is responsible for the recruitment and selection process, chose an individual with no prior experience in elections administration to oversee presidential and municipal contests.

According to the news release, Ludwig admitted that he lacks elections administration experience.

Quote of note

“While I am committed to ensuring that Mr. Ludwig receives the necessary education, training and resources to adapt to his new role, I and others are left hoping that his unrelated work experience will adequately prepare him to oversee elections,” Simmons said. “I eagerly anticipate meeting with Mr. Ludwig to seek assurances that our dedicated team of 40-plus professionals in the elections department will receive his full support as they continue their efforts to plan and administer elections in Tarrant County. I also intend to discuss how he plans to safeguard against any pressures to limit or restrict participation in our elections.”

Diving in deeper

The news release stated numerous complaints have been received by Simmons’s office regarding Ludwig’s appointment. While acknowledging that she shares the concerns expressed by citizens, Simmons added that she was disappointed by the low attendance at the election commission’s open meetings, which served as a platform for constituents to voice their opinions and engage in the civic process.

Simmons encourages constituents to actively participate by attending virtual or in-person meetings such as Commissioners Court, City Council and school board meetings, writing letters, emails, serving on boards and commissions, and exercising their right to vote.