Construction is expected to begin by the end of May on a trail connection along Whitley Road that will give pedestrians access to Bear Creek Park.

What happened: According to a city press release, this long-desired amenity that will particularly impact West Park and Flanigan Hill residents was made possible through recent right of way negotiations related to the roundabout project at the Whitley/Bear Creek Parkway intersection. Council awarded the construction bid at its April 18 meeting.

The details: The incoming $283,800 project includes the extension of a 10-foot trail from where the existing sidewalk ends outside of the West Park neighborhood. That trail will run north and connect to the pedestrian amenities in the roundabout’s design.

Did you know? The new trail will also make access to Old Town Keller easier in the future. According to the press release, the upcoming reconstruction of Elm Street between Bear Creek Parkway and Keller Parkway will include sidewalks and other pedestrian amenities.

What they're saying: “This connection has been in on our city plans and the larger regional plans for trail connectivity for over 20 years, so we’re excited that right of way negotiations for the nearby roundabout have finally made this possible,” Community Services Director Cody Maberry said. “I know the residents in Flanigan Hill and West Park are especially eager for this connection, but this will help residents even beyond those neighborhoods more easily access Old Town and Bear Creek Park thanks to other existing and upcoming pedestrian infrastructure.”

What’s next? Once work starts, the project is scheduled to take up to 10 months as the crew works around some site challenges and anticipates weather-related delays near the creek’s flood plain.