A year after launching an initiative to reduce violent crime in Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Police Department announced that the program has exceeded its goal.

The numbers: According to a city press release, Fort Worth police said in April 2022 that the Crime Control and Prevention District-funded #FortWorthSafe initiative could decrease violent crime citywide by 10% within 12 months. The focus was placed on homicides, aggravated assaults and robberies.

Through April, the number of violent crimes dropped by nearly 700 incidents, or 13.4%, Assistant Chief Robert Alldredge said. In all, 4,344 violent crimes were reported in 2022, down from 5,014 the previous year.

According to the press release, specific data included the following:
  • Aggravated assault-family violence numbers dropped 28% from 1,426 to 1,027.
  • Homicides dropped 24.5% from 102 to 77.
  • Nonfatal shootings dropped 23.9% from 380 to 289.
  • Business robberies dropped 10.4% from 202 to 181; robberies of individuals rose 1.5%.
  • Firearm discharges dropped 13.5% from 341 to 295.
How it happened: According to the press release, numbers were lowered by using neighborhood cameras that are monitored in the Real Time Crime Center, working with city departments to improve blight and quality-of-life issues in some of the higher-crime neighborhoods, and improving police-community relations, among other things. Police also focused on taking guns away from dangerous people, which resulted in 518 guns seized and 40 stolen guns recovered, Alldredge said.

“Whenever [guns are] in their hands, bad things happen,” Alldredge said. “The more we can take off the street, the more impact we can have in the community.”

What they’re saying: Mayor Mattie Parker called the reduction encouraging.

“We really applaud you for all your hard work and the entire department,” she said.

District 2 Council member Carlos Flores added, “It was a significant reduction. I’m appreciative of that.”