Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been added to Fort Worth’s MyFW App. The app allows residents and visitors to report issues—such as potholes—on their smartphone.

According to a city press release, AI capability was added to the app on April 3 to make it more helpful to users when they go to report issues.

The app began as a blank slate and has been learning by associating words or phrases that are entered in the description box whenever a new request is created. According to the press release, as more requests are created, the AI will continue to learn and provide more targeted suggestions for the types of requests that users are looking for.

For example, according to the press release, if a user enters the word “paint” in the description box, the app will auto-suggest, “Are you looking to make a graffiti complaint?”

As April is National Pothole Month, users can use the new AI-enhanced MyFW App to report potholes on more than 8,000 miles of roadway in Fort Worth.

According to a Fort Worth press release, potholes are a constant and unavoidable problem that cause major damage on vehicles and leave roads permanently uneven. Several factors lead to potholes, including:
  • General wear and tear from vehicles;
  • Constant pressure from the weight of vehicles; and
  • Ever-changing Texas weather causes cracks in roads due to the constant fluctuation of cold to warm temperatures.
How can you get help?: By using the MyFW App to report a pothole. Be prepared to provide some basic information, including:
  • The location of the pothole and/or direction of travel (required). Example: Northbound on Main St.
  • The estimated size and dimensions of the pothole: length, width and depth (optional but encouraged). Example: 2 feet across, 1 foot long, 1 foot deep.
  • When possible, snap a photo of the pothole and include it with your report via the app.
Fort Worth has a dedicated pothole crew that are dispatched to fix reported potholes. According to the press release, the crew typically fixes potholes within 48 hours of a report.

Get the app: Download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play store.