The public will have the chance to let their voices be heard concerning proposed changes to the 2023 Comprehensive Plan before council votes March 21 on the updated document.

Council will meet at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 200 Texas St., Fort Worth.

Speakers for the public hearing must be registered no later than two hours before the start of the meeting.

According to a city press release, the city updates its comprehensive plan annually, which guides decision making about the growth and development of Fort Worth. The plan provides a long-term vision for the city, describing strategy, policies, programs and projects. A vote on the plan updates follows the public hearing.

According the press release, changes being considered for the 2023 plan include:
  • Updates to the population trends, economic and financial trends chapters to reflect the latest statistical information available;
  • New information and data in the land use chapter;
  • Minor updates to the introduction, education, police services and public health chapters; and
  • Updated maps throughout showing approved annexations and boundary changes.
According to the press release, changes are also proposed to five appendices, including:
  • Existing plans and studies appendix will add the Botanic Garden master plan, 2023 update; economic development strategic plan, 2022 update; Las Vegas Trail neighborhood transformation plan, 2023; public art plan for 2022 bond program; and Meacham Airport master plan.
  • Future land use by sector appendix is updated to show 100-year floodplain locations on vacant land, approved zoning changes, new development plans and opportunities, and existing development patterns unlikely to change.
  • Proposed capital improvements appendix will include the adopted fiscal year 2023-2027 five-year capital improvement plan.
  • Planned service areas appendix will show 20-year planned service area adjustments and recent annexations. The city has 16 planning sectors.
  • Annexation plan, policy and program appendix will reflect changes to the annexation program.